GoldFellow® cash for gold parties are fun and profitable:

  • - Guests bring old gold and leave with checks
  • - Hostesses earn 10% of total gold purchased at their gold party
  • - Hostesses receive up to $100 towards refreshments
  • - Hostesses can earn up to $100 for party referrals

Book Your Gold Party!

Contact a GoldFellow® Party gold buyer by calling 1-877-696-5346 - or click here to fill out our Gold Party request form and schedule your cash for gold party now.

Spread the word!

Send GoldFellow® Party's custom invitations to all your friends, family and co-workers. The more people you invite...the more gold GoldFellow® buys...the more money you'll earn just for encouraging your friends to come to your cash for gold party!

Host your gold party!

Put out some refreshments and enjoy the company of your guests. Your professionally trained local GoldFellow® gold buyer will value all your friend's gold and pay them on the spot with a GoldFellow® company check.

Get Paid!

Immediately following the party you'll be written a GoldFellow® company check for 10% of the total amount purchased at your cash for gold party. You'll also receive up to $100 extra toward refreshments.

Keep Earning!

Once your friends see how fun and profitable GoldFellow® gold parties are they will want to book their own! We'll send you up to $100 upon completion of every qualifying cash for gold party you refer. No limits!

Book Your Gold Party Now